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Near-death experience: in our head?

 About death, life and brain.

It is called near-death experience (NDE) and for some, it is a proof that afterlife exists. Well-known and yet mysterious, near-death experience is a weird phenomenon. From a physiological point of view, your heart stops beating but you are not dead. But from the person’s point of view, strange things happen.

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What is the Brain?

It is the result of 500 millions years of evolution, constantly changing, and yet still evolving today.

It controls every part of our body, every aspect of our life and every step of our behavior. It creates feelings such as joy, love, anger or sadness. It makes us conscious, gives us our mind, human being instead of beasts. Without it, we wouldn’t have innovation and creation processes, those that shape our modern society and give us the ability to rule the world, and soon beyond.

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What is inside your head?

Our head controls our entire body. Cut if off and the result speaks for itself: nothing works anymore…

So, what is inside our head that makes it so vital? Everybody knows that one part of the answer lies in the human brain. But there is much more.

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The Human Brain: Why do we like it?

Around 100 billion neurons capable of 100 trillion calculations per second in only 1,195 cm3, weighting 1.5 kg, using 20% of our total daily energy along 162,500 km of connected “cables” processing 36,800 trillion bits of information per second. It is 2% of your body’s weight, but requires 20% of your oxygen supply and 20% of your blood flow.

The human brain is a huge calculator. As a matter of fact, the human brain is the most complex computational system ever known.

Computational is used here to describe the functioning of the brain since it deals with information and makes calculations out of it, it differs from computer in its uniqueness: while a computer treats only one information at a time, our brain treats them all together.

Welcome into the human brain.

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