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I am left-handed, what about you?

A matter of hand

Around 90% of the population use their right hand to write, 9% are left-handed and 1% is ambidextrous. Lefties earn on average 10% lower wages, and are dominant in creative and artistic carriers. How is that possible? Why are some people right-handed, others left-handed and a couple are both? What are the implications of such a random process and what are the outcomes?

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What is the Brain?

It is the result of 500 millions years of evolution, constantly changing, and yet still evolving today.

It controls every part of our body, every aspect of our life and every step of our behavior. It creates feelings such as joy, love, anger or sadness. It makes us conscious, gives us our mind, human being instead of beasts. Without it, we wouldn’t have innovation and creation processes, those that shape our modern society and give us the ability to rule the world, and soon beyond.

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